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Tel‐Aviv University, Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel‐Aviv.


1996 ‐ 2001                  Ph.D., Economics, with distinction

1994 ‐ 1995                  M.A., Economics, Magna‐Cum‐Laude

1991 ‐ 1994                   B.A., Economics and Management, Summa‐Cum‐Laude




2022 - present          Chair, Eitan Berglas School of Economics

2015 - present          Amnon Ben-Natan Professor of Economics

2013 – 2014               Professor


Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

2023 – 2024         Professor II


2018 – 2024          Visiting Professor


2018 – 2019          Wesley Clair Mitchell Visiting Professor



2017 – 2018          Visiting Professor 


2013 – 2017               Visiting Professor 



2011‐2012                  Professor

2007‐2010                 Associate Professor (with tenure)



2001‐2007                 Assistant Professor


2012‐present            Theoretical Economics, Associate Editor


2014‐present            Journal of Economic Theory, Associate Editor


2015-present            Games and Economic Behavior, Associate Editor       

Fellowship, grants

2023                          The Landau Prize in Arts & Sciences 

2023‐2021                 Binational Science Foundation, “A Bayesian Approach to Privacy in Economics"

                                   (joint with Ran Eilat & Xiaosheng Mu)

2019‐2021                 Israel Science Foundation, “Strategic Datasets and Competing Narratives"


2016‐2018                 Israel Science Foundation, “Strategic Scheduling of Information Acquisition”


2015                          The Kadar Family Award .


2013‐2015                 Israel Science Foundation, “Theoretical Aspects of E‐Commerce”

                                   (joint with Ran Spiegler)


2013‐2015                 US‐Israel Binational Science Foundation, “Incentives in Collective Decisions”

                                   (joint with Geoffroy de Clippel)


2013‐2016                 Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, “Reference‐Dependence and Labor

                                   Market Fluctuations”


2007‐2010                NSF, ʺMechanism Design with Diversity of Opinionʺ (joint with Ran Spiegler)


2004‐2006               NSF, “Group Polarization” (joint with Debraj Ray & Ronny Razin)


2003‐2005               US‐Israel Binational Science Foundation (joint with Ran Spiegler)


2001‐2002                Rothschild Foundation Fellowship


1998‐1999                The European Commission Marie Currie Fellowship



2010                           University of Texas at Austin (2010 Murray S. Johnson Conference on Bounded

                                    Rationality), ʺBiases in Marketsʺ conference at the WZB in Berlin, 2010 European

                                    Symposium on Economic Theory (focus session on new developments in choice

                                    theory), Caltech, UCLA, Northwestern, Cornell, NYU, Michigan, Rice.


2011                            University of Texas A&M, UCSD, Tel‐Aviv University, Hebrew University, Paris

                                    School of Economics.


2012                            Spanish Workshop in Economic Theory (SWET), George Mason University, the

                                    Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics (SITE) conference on behavioral

                                    economics, NYU macro seminar, University of Pittsburgh, Wharton


2013                           NBER Macroeconomic Annual Conference, University of Aarhus (Denmark),

                                   University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Decision: Theory, Experiments and

                                   Applications (D‐TEA) annual workshop (Paris, France), Focus session in ESSET ‐

                                   European Summer Symposium in Economic Theory (Gerzensee, Switzerland),

                                   University of Bonn.


2014                           Johns Hopkins, Pompeu‐Fabra (Barcelona), BRIC – Bounded Rationality In Choice

                                   (Barcelona), Focus session in ESSET ‐ European Summer Symposium in Economic

                                   Theory (Gerzensee, Switzerland), NYU Economics, Microsoft Research, Columbia,

                                   NYU Stern, Ohio State University, Northwestern, University of Texas at Austin,

                                   Advances in Behavioral Game Theory (UCL).


2015                           University of Arizona, Universitat Autonoma (Barcelona), University of Toronto,       

                                   University of British Columbia.

2016                           Washington University in St. Louis, University of Zurich, Cambridge University, 

                                    Oxford University, Paris School of Economics, NSF Decentralization Conference

                                    (Brown University), Market Design in Israel (Bar Ilan University).

2017                           European University Institute (Florence), Michigan State University, University of Miami,                                       Conference on Social Networks and Information (Johns Hopkins), Utah State University,                                       Applied Behavioral Economics Workshop (University of Zurich), Limited Reasoning,                                               Cognition and Coordination (Pompeu Fabra), University of Chicago, UCL, LSE, University                                     of Essex.

2018                           Workshop in Behavioral Economics 2018 (Frankfurt School of Finance and                                                              Management), Bocconi University, Warwick Theory Workshop, ESSET -- European                                                Summer Symposium in Economic Theory (Gerzensee, Switzerland), Boston College,                                            Columbia University, University of Bonn (Briq), Johns Hopkins, University of                                                               Pennsylvania.


2019                           Simon Fraser University, 2nd Annual East Coast Behavioral/Experimental Workshop,                                           Princeton University.               

2020                          Utah State University, UK Workshop in Economic Theory, University of East Anglia                                                Behavioural Game Theory Workshop, University of Michigan, UC Santa Barbara, Oxford, 

                                  Joint Asian theory seminar.

2021                           University of Texas at Austin, CREST, UCLA, Singapore Management University, GAMES                                       2021 World Congress.

2022                           Global Seminar on Contests & Conflict, Emory University, NHH Norwegian School of                                             Economics, joint Toronto-Humboldt workshop on economic theory, ESSET -- European                                       Summer Symposium in Economic Theory (Gerzensee, Switzerland).

2023                          Workshop on Behavior and strategies in communication and information design (HEC                                          Paris), Behavioral Political Economy Workshop (LSE, London), Nordic Theory Workshop                                        (Bergen, Norway), SAET (Paris), University of Pennsylvania, USC Marshall School of                                                Business, Pittsburgh University.

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